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It takes a village

The idea of owning my own studio was something that had been marinating in my mind for the good majority of the past year, but was I really ready, would I be good at it, can I make that comittment, what about the costs, etc (sounds like motherhood huh). Fast forward to mid-March 2023 where the opportunity not only found me and my lap but it also was fully cooked and ready for me to embrace. The entry into this endeavor was a no-brainer, so boom within 48 hours, I owned a pole studio.

With the remnants of studio's past mixed with my ever brewing ideas, I gave myself a month to whip it into shape and wow, what a mental rollercoaster I have been on. I know I don't have to say renovations are not smooth sailiing and without 10 million trips to home depot and amazon but like always, sh*t happened that tested my mental.

So, what did April look like for me? In so many ways, this.

But also in so many other ways, this...

(not pictured but hugely momumental in helping me in all the ways: Sarah Connors, and Ardena Watters)

Throughout this month, I found myself asking Why. Why did I take this on, Why are all these things happening to me, Why did I think I have any business owning a studio when I can't leg hang lol, Why am I doing this?

The answer is the Community.

Pole has been my safe place since 2014 and the people there are my family. I may not know anything about doing a janiero, but I do know I love you all and want to breath life into a space that makes everyone feel the way it has made me. I want everyone to seek out the studio on their best and worst days, to seek counsel from each other for support and celebrations alike, and to just come hang if you need to pause reality for a moment. I want everyone to feel safe in letting their freak flag fly and being their authentic self. I also want everyone to feel safe shouting, crying, and whatever it is they need to do. There aren't may spaces in the "normal" world that allows us to do so. I want THE | BAR to be that haven for everyone with everyone. Life is hard.

I took on this endeavor for us, for you; and I cannot say how grateful I am that during this most challenging month you all showed up for me. Thank you for checking in on me, thank you for the long nights at the studio, thank you for taking tasks off my plate and owning them, thank you for dealing with my shortness amongst it all. Thank you.

I can't believe it but (Ardena help me here): We fucking made it!

I hope THE | BAR brings your peace, I hope it brings you solace, and I hope it brings you achievements beyond you're wildest dreams. And if ever you stumble, you have your village to catch you.

Check out the slideshow for more bts reno content:

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2 comentarios

Veronica Wilder
Veronica Wilder
10 jul 2023

I am just now seeing this omfg Looch. I have no words. You are UNREAL. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

Me gusta

Shannon Callahan
Shannon Callahan
01 may 2023

You badass bitch!!! Proud of you and what you‘ve done and are doing for ALL. You‘re a rare gem and I’m grateful I get to call you my friend!!


Me gusta
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