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Code of Conduct

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Since we are an all inclusive environment, we uphold the highest standard of self and  interpersonal respect. Here at THE | BAR, we expect: 

  • All students to be respectful of each other's opinions, views, bodies, appearance, emotions, and needs. We have a zero tolerance policy for disrespect. 

  • All students must be respectful of other's pronouns and names. If you can't remember or feel uncomfortable asking, using a person's name is always acceptable and encouraged. 

  • All students must be mindful of the way they talk about themselves. We are body positive here and do no want to hear any self hate. Pole and movement is hard enough, don't beat yourself down on top of it.

  • Some students may feel most comfortable sans clothing, while others may feel more comfortable covered up. Both ways are a-ok and should be met with equal respect. Bodies are bodies and we all have them. Our dress code requirement is a thong at minimum for sanitary reasons - you may see skin and topless nudity. If this makes you uncomfortable, then THE | BAR may not be the studio for you. 

  • Sex work is work. We will not tolerate sex or sex work shaming. Be mindful of where the sport originated and the livelihoods it supports.

Simply put - don't be dick and have fun!

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