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About Us

Our products are tailor-made to target the most common post pole woes: aches, soreness, bruising, and the like. We use natural and ethically sourced ingredients to heal your body in the most luxurious way.

As a brand, we stand by


Complex ingredient lists be gone! Here at Apolethecary we use natural ingredients you can pronounce and recognize.


What is the point of a product that looks good but does nothing? We strive to not only uphold our end of the bargain but to also exceed your expectations.


Our ingredients are USA and ethically sourced and our packaging is curated with the environment in mind. But that isn't enough. We offer the option to send us your empties in exchange for a discount on your next purchase!

Our Story

TL;DR I have a degree in Chem and didn't want to use grip aids because I couldn't get them off. So I fixed it.

I'm Looch, your crafty, witchy, self care maven and the owner of Apolthecary!

Back in 2012, I was graduating college with my B.S in Chemistry.Those four years were honestly some of the most challenging for me. Hard subject matter and transitioning to complete ownership of my own life. Pretty much survival by chaos. 

I got a job in an R&D lab and hated it. Six weeks later found myself on the job boards applying to a Technical Writing position. Fast forward a few weeks and I got the job and was moving to the other side of the state, where I knew NO ONE. A month after the move my long term relationship ended...but that's a story for another day...well hardly.

There I was learning how to work as a writer when I have a degree that says stick me in a basement and leave me alone, and coming home to my lonesome apartment (yes, there was a cat).

After watching a free pole class coupon expire, I finally found the cajones to walk through the door. And the rest is history!

2014 I entered the pole world, in full tank tops and yoga short, noodle arms and giraffee knees. I learned about dry hands, and itac, and Firm Grip. I also learned how I'd be scrubbing my skin off to not feel sticky. At the beginning, the tricks were worth it. But as time went on and I got stronger I found myself abandoning the stronger grip aids as the expense of my progress. I guess I rathered my journey take more time than deal with the shower from doom.

I began teaching in 2017 preaching easily washable grip aids and ignoring the stronger harder to get off ones. Still struggling to nail some tricks, it still wasn't worth it to me. 

Fast forward to 2022, where my sister from another mister decided enough is enough and set out to create her own skincare friendly grip aid line (TBA). That got my wheels turning about hmm what could the pole world and myself really benefit from?

GRIP AID REMOVER! And that was my launchpad. Ideas started flowing. How can I contribute to the pole aftermath in a way that feels like you were pampered at the spa. Boom I'm using my degree again!

The answer was, and is: Apolethecary.

(pun because, well, I am still a writer after all)

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