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COVID Policy and Procedures

Our commitment to you

To prevent the spread of COVID and to keep us all safe, THE | BAR:

  • Provides alocohol and fresh towels to each student at the start of each class to use during class and to wipe down their poles.

  • Cleans each pole after each class.

  • Sweeps and mops the studio floor daily.

  • Provides hand sanitizer

  • Routinely cleans and sanitizes the common areas

Student Expectations

To prevent the spread of COVID, students are expected to: 

  • Alert us of a positive covid test as soon as possible

  • Not attend classes for 5 days following a positive test result. Students that break this requirement will be asked to no longer attend classes at our studio.

  • Use hand sanitizer and provided alcohol and towels to keep their area and equipment clean.

  • Students are allowed to share poles only when both students provide consent. 

If you have any additional questions regarding this policy, email us at

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