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Private Lessons and Parties

Here at THE | BAR we offer additional ways to touch a pole without buying a whole membership. 


Want some 1:1 with one of our mixologists? Need a litle more TLC and customized training? We got chu!
To book a private with an instructor of your choosing either reach out to them directly or email us at and we'll set you right up!

Note: Instructor private lesson rates vary from instructor to instructor.

Screenshot 2023-05-30 153552.jpg

Party Time, Excellent!

Looking for something sexy but challenging for a bachelor/bachelorette?
Interested in a group outing or customized group class? 
Book a party with THE | BAR!

Party rates and bookings are by request only.

For more information, email us at

Give us your party deets ..

We can dig it! We'll be in touch within 24 hours

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