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What Kind of Poler Are You?

Pole dancing has evolved far beyond its origins in strip clubs, becoming a legitimate form of artistic expression, fitness, and dance. As the pole dance community continues to grow, so too do the different styles and approaches to this captivating art form. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of pole dancing, there's a style that suits your personality and goals.

The Traditional Poler

Traditional pole dancing is where it all began. It maintains the essence of pole dance as a combination of strength, flexibility, and sensuality. Dancers in this style often incorporate elements of striptease and sensual movement into their routines. If you enjoy embracing your feminine side, expressing your sensuality, and engaging with your audience through eye-catching choreography, traditional pole dancing might be your style. Very much the essence and style of "Pour some sugar on me" or "Cherry Pie".

Key Characteristics:

  • Slow and sensual movements

  • Emphasis on fluidity and grace

  • Use of heels and costumes to enhance the performance

  • Strong connection with the audience

The Floorwork Qwweenn

Floorwork is a style of pole dancing that, as the name suggests, focuses on movements and routines performed on the floor. Dancers in this style are often mesmerizingly acrobatic, gracefully flowing on the ground, using flexibility and creativity to create captivating sequences. If you have a background in dance and enjoy exploring unique shapes and transitions, or when tricks just seem not worth the effort then floorwork may be your calling.

Key Characteristics:

  • Close interaction with the floor

  • Creative and illusion- like transitions and shapes

  • Fluidity and grace

  • Strong emphasis on flexibility

The Trixsta

Tricks and aerial moves are the heart of many pole dancers' routines. This style centers around mastering impressive tricks and spins on the pole, showcasing strength and athleticism. Your idea of floorwork is laying down after your routine is over. If you love the challenge of building strength and the thrill of mastering new tricks, this style could be your niche.

Key Characteristics:

  • Focus on acrobatics and strength

  • Impressive spins, tricks, and transitions

  • Use of the pole as the primary apparatus

  • Emphasis on building core and upper body strength

The Exotic Baddie

Exotic pole dance is a bold and empowering style that combines elements of traditional pole dancing with a strong sense of individuality and creativity. Dancers in this style often explore unconventional themes, incorporate storytelling, and embrace a more athletic approach to their routines. The movement is suggestive, your floorwork is raunchy, and you seduce your audience like a siren! If you're drawn to self-expression, artistic freedom, and enjoy pushing boundaries, exotic pole dance might be your calling.

Key Characteristics:

  • Fusion of sensuality, athleticism, and creativity

  • Thematic and story-driven routines

  • Strong emphasis on self-expression and individuality

  • Unique and unconventional movement patterns

  • Makes your audience blush

The Unconventional Gymrat

While many people associate pole dancing with artistry and performance, not everyone is in it for the dance. A lot of us pole primarily for fitness and exercise and have no interest in the dance component. When you get tired of the routine of the gym life, pole fitness is a fantastic alternative to achieving your health and wellness goals while having fun and feeling empowered. If the idea of defying gravity, body weight training, and pullups energize you then you might be the unconventional gymrat.

Key Characteristics:

  • Fusion of athleticism and body building

  • Focuses on tricks that require the most strength

  • No pain no gain; No days off - zero chill

  • Borderline Trixsta


As the pole dance community continues to expand, so do the opportunities for self-expression and growth within the art form. Whether you gravitate toward the slow sensuality of traditional pole dance, the acrobatic challenges of tricks, the creativity of exotic pole dance, or the grace of floorwork, there's a style that resonates with your unique personality and goals. The key to finding your niche is to explore and experiment with each style, allowing your passion and creativity to guide you on your pole dancing journey. Remember, there's no right or wrong style; it's all about what speaks to you and helps you become the best version of yourself as a poler.

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