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The cost of luxurious exclusivity

So, you've googled and/or attended pole dance classes around the region and found that you'd need to add a line item to your excel budget, right next to your car payment. Another thing... in this economy? Ugh, what gives?!

Hi, it's Looch from THE | BAR. Take a trip down memory lane with me, recap our amazing first year, and learn why poling at THE | BAR is more than just another expense.

Top Shelf Offerings

Close your eyes and remember a time, circa early 2000's. Reality television is at Its peak. Carmen Electra and Pam Anderson are the IT girls. Pole makes its appearance on screen as a novelty, something for the rich, hot, and famous. And there were no pole studios to be found. Youtube, Instagram, TikTok didn't exist. Meaning the only way you could participate was by buying the Carmen Electra pole from Spencer's along with her pole fitness DVD set.

Cost of entry: < $100

Reward: Injuries, confusion, and a new piece of decor for your cat to play on.

Ok, ok shake that memory away like an etch-a-sketch and fast forward back to today in 2024. Pole is becoming more mainstream, recognized, and available. With that comes industry and safety standards, increased knowledge and mastery, competition, performance, and employment opportunities.

Here at THE | BAR, we have top of the line professional equipment rated for your safety and hours of practice. All of our poles are custom ordered from X-pole (the industry leader) to fit our needs and space requirements and cost upwards of $500 each. They are also identical to poles used in competition and in the major of stage sets.

Additionally, our lovely staff of mixologists boast over 20+ years of experience and mastery of: aerials, professional dance, str*pping, circustry, contortion, performing, and much more. When taking a class at THE | BAR you are investing in yourself by learning from those who've cracked the code and understand the micro details and intricacies of those most coveted tricks. Compared to a home pole and YouTube, believe us, we're worth it!

Cost of entry: $30 - $400

Reward: Learned knowledge, injury prevention, actual progress, questions answered, friends made, laughter vs frustration.

Inclusive Exclusivity

Ok, the best poles check, knowledgeable instructors check... but other studios have that too. What makes THE | BAR the new IT girl?

In a world of social media and cameras at every corner, privacy feels more like a privilege nowadays. Here at THE | BAR it is your right, and our systems prove it. We employ a members only club like feel, where all are welcomed but not exposed to the public. Our app is for members only and it includes a facebook-like social media feed where our members can interact, post, and share their thoughts and achievements. Auntie Karen won't have any tea this Thanksgiving, such a shame...

We operate with respect for all comfort levels, nude and modest alike. It's in our code of conduct and there's tits in the bathroom. We always get consent for any public facing video and let people opt out of anything that makes them uncomfy. Everyone knows, "Don't be a dick and have fun" is our carnal rule.

Our space! Yes the location is a little funky, sure. BUT it is also extremely PRIVATE. Our space is our space. It's not shared with any other businesses or persons for any reason. We have a private speakeasy style entrance and we operate during the off business hours of our neighbors. Inside our space, we have no street facing windows or doors, our door automatically locks when closed, and we have a completely private for our use only bathroom.

TL;DR The only people who will know you're a member are the people you choose to tell.

Care for a Garnish?

This past year, THE | BAR quickly evolved to more than just a pole studio. Today it would be better called a self expression studio. Early on into our first year we added adult heels, jazz and contemporary dance classes, yoga, and flexibility classes. We've also hosted a vast variety of workshops, averaging about 2-3 each month, that are both pole and not pole related. Shibari, Line Dance, Puff n Paints, Seasonal Blues, Burlesque, just to name a few.

In-house we also offer a full suite of amenities ready and available for you when you need them. Ranging from workout accessories, powder room toiletries, apparel, Apolethecary products, Get a Grip grip aid, Bee's Knees Products, a heels shoe library, and our beloved candy bowl and wellness station. We have whatever you need for a well rounded and supported end to end experience.

And we're not stopping in 2024!

Our second year will bring: a NightCap class for the night owls, a hip hop workshop taught by an elite guest, more puff n crafts, a referral program, an on-demand video library, and so much more!

Bottom's Up?

It costs a lot of money to look this good. To continue to support THE | BAR's mission, community, and trajectory, starting May 1st 2024 prices will be increasing to:

Pass Memberships

  • 3 class pass $85

  • 5 class pass $145

  • 10 class pass $250

  • 20 class pass $400

Party Rates

  • 1-6 people 90 min $300

  • 7+ people 90 min $400

  • Additional time $60/hr

The rewards of THE | BAR's community extends beyond that sweaty hour in class. It's physical, it's mental, it's emotional. Along your journey you'll find a new self love for you, for your body and what it can do, and for your peers. You'll unclog those channels of self doubt and learn that everything is valid. This year we've done a lot and I am so proud of you, of us, and this little community.

With love and an abundance of cheers and gratitude,

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